Sunday, May 10, 2009

Meatball Soup

This recipe is from our friend Daryl Dykema. He said it came from his mom Adeline, who got it from Jane Koetje. From that like of cooks I knew it would be good, and I wasn't disappointed!

Below is the recipe, the notes are from Daryl. The only thing I did differently was use ground turkey, because it is what I had on hand, although I think it would have been better with the ground beef.


1 64oz can of tomato juice
1 (same) can of water
1 cup rice
1 yellow onion (I sauté the onion and garlic lightly before I add it to the soup)
Couple cloves of garlic
Salt and pepper to taste
Bay leaves (2)
A few leaves of fresh basil chopped
Add all ingredients in stock pot and bring to boil, then add meatballs.

1lb hamburger
1 egg
10 (or so) saltine crackers

Mix meat, egg and crackers together and roll into small meatballs and add to soup when it reaches a slow boil.

I let it simmer on low for an hour or so.
That's about of. Really easy! Enjoy!


Zachary was my little helper again. Nathanael was mowing the lawn, which Zachary really doesn't like. So first he helped me by crushing the crackers. And then he even helped to roll the meatballs!

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