Thursday, September 24, 2009

Asian Chicken and Noodle Casserole

2 or 3 chicken breasts
2 packages of chicken top ramen
2/3 cup Thai peanut sauce
3 tbl peanut butter
1 bag (1 pound) frozen stir-fry vegetables
1/4 cup chow mein noodles
1/4 cup peanuts

  • Slice and cook chicken into long strips.
  • Cook ramen, without the seasoning packet, drain.
  • Use the seasoning packets with one cup boiling water to make broth.
  • Heat oven to 350, and spray a 2 quart casserole.
  • Cook peanut sauce, broth, PB, frozen veggies and noodles in a large pan over med-high heat, until hot. Stir in chicken. Spoon into casserole.
  • Sprinkle chow mein noodles and peanuts on top.
  • Bake 30 minutes.
  • Arrange into a funny face to make eating veggies more bearable.


javajill said...

That looks sooooo yummy. I'm doing a mental inventory right now to see if I have all those ingredients at home right now . . .

javajill said...

I can personally vouch for the yumminess. I did go to the grocery store to pick up what I thought were key ingredients. The only thing I overshopped for was the peanut sauce. Apparently I had one opened in the fridge and another in the cupboard. Oops.