Friday, April 15, 2011

Crock Stock

I hadn't ever made chicken stock until recently, and it is so easy I'm upset that I ever bought a can of chicken broth before. Especially since the cost to make your own is just pennies!

I usually shop at Costco in the morning, and often pick up a rotisserie chicken. Nathanael and I have a few slices of the breast meat on a salad, and then pick the rest of the meat off to use for another meal or two later in the week. Then I used to just chuck the carcass. Because, let's face it, just the word carcass is pretty nasty.

But, it is just as easy to chuck in into the crock pot instead of the garbage!

If you have any onions or celery or carrots, chop them a little and toss them in. They will give the stock more flavor, but if you are out, don't worry about it. I usually add a few bay leaves, too.

Then fill up the crock pot with cold water. Set it on low and leave it for the day. (I try to let it go at least 8 hours.)

Then take the big stuff out of the crock pot and into the garbage. Pour the stock through a sieve into little containers and freeze.

Voila! Tasty and nearly free chicken stock ready for your next soup.

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