Monday, January 19, 2009


The egg-o-muffin is a critical part of the Willamette University experience. I ordered this meal at least once a week at the "Cat Cavern" diner where my friends and I would always eat lunch. The big draw was that they served breakfast all day.

to prepare this must-have staple, cut an English muffin into 2 and put the two sides face down on the pan, fry in margarine or oil. This is a crucial step. If you just toast them in the toaster you miss that crispy yet greasy goodness part. Meanwhile, scramble an egg in a bowl, then fry thin and flat. Fold it over to fit the English muffin and add a slice of cheese on top. (To melt the cheese faster, take the lid from a large pan and place it on top of the egg for a few moments.) Put the sandwich all together, and don't forget the hash browns on the side... the other important part of the egg-o-muffin meal!

It's a breakfast fit for a princess...

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